Spatial analysis of graph data in the WossiDiA System

Sharifi, Zahra (2023) Spatial analysis of graph data in the WossiDiA System. Masters thesis, Universität Rostock.

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The ISEBEL project aims to build an international search engine that is able to harvest data from folktale databases. The initial project concentrates on belief legends [1] found in the three well known digital collections by Evald Tang Kristensen from Denmark (etkspace), Richard Wossidlo from Mecklenburg (wossidia) and several collectors and narrators from the Netherlands (verhaalenbank). Part of the project is on data and graph mining [2,3] for frequent patterns. Therefore, the XML story data is harvested using OAI-PMH and transformed into graph data. The WossiDiA system [4] itself as one of the databases harvested by ISEBEL uses typed, directed hypergraphs [5] for representing the collections by Richard Wossidlo. The content encompasses field notes [6], correspondences with scholars, contributors and informants as well as references to published work on the everyday life in the country Mecklenburg from late 19th century to the 30s of 20th century. Most of the field notes are annotated with localization [7]. To support the researchers in analyzing, browsing and visualizing certain aspects in the collected data using the graph paradigm and algorithms developed not only restricted to the WossiDiA graph data, the master thesis should aim at a combined spatial clustering [8] in conjunction with a graph based clustering [9,10] of property graph data [11] and provide different graph mining techniques on the resulting graph data, especially spatial distribution maps of motif clusters from story data but not restricted to that. Therefore, a general framework has to be developed for a spatial analysis of graph-based data from the Wossidlo archive [12,13,14]. It’s functionality has to be demonstrated by sample scenarios from the WossiDiA and ISEBEL project, i.e. from the narrative cultural heritage and folkloristics [15].

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